Thursday, December 9, 2010

artist Lecture #2

Artist: Polly Applebalm

Overall I felt like the structure of this lecture was done out of order. What I mean by is that
Polly saved all the real or heart of her stuff at the end of the lecture. I felt that she kept drawing
on and on about one particular detail of things. What did find interesting in her pattern instillations were how she is able to achieve large pictures and patterns with such small pieces of paper bunched up together. A lot of her pattern were made from acrylic paint so many of her pieces sometimes seem brighter or duller depending on the light source. Overall her lecture was
okay, I would like to see more of her work in the future.

Artist Lecture #1

Artist Lecture #1: Carminita Higgenbottom

This by far besides the bill lecture was one of my personal favorites. What I found to be the most interesting aspect is the idea of race in 1930s, and how this one artist felt that need
to draw black people. Usually painter of that time period would stay away from the subject. What was even more interesting was the subtle issues that were depicted in the paintings. As an example plymton on painting had a group of black people on the beach. but one woman who was light skin was shying away from the rest of the group. So in turn this made me think of the subtle inner racial identity was a factor back then too. Also this artist manage to imatate the features just right without over exaggerating the figuare a of black person.

As a visiting art historian, I felt that she was very interesting. She was energetic and managed to keep my attention despite it being art history. If she were to ever come back to MCA. I would visit her again.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Final Update

So my progress so far has been slow, but since I almost done with the coffee shop scene things
will pick up a little faster. I guess what has been slowing me down is the coffee shop scene in particular. I didn't know exactly how I was going to pull it off. Of course it need a little more build up and establishing but I will get that during my revisions. In which case I plan on doing this weekend along with the reminder.
Progress wise after the coffee shop scene the pace of the progress will be immediately faster to do since basically they are just shots. Im almost there.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Extra Credit: Dressing Recipe

How to Make Dressing

Step One: Start The Cornbread

1. First Open Box Of Corn Mill Mix and Follow Directions
2. Usually the directions consist of adding Water and Eggs and Mix
3. Place in Oven until brown on all sides

Step Two: Start the Broth

1. While waiting for cornbread to cook time to add the broth
2. The broth consists of: Water, Sage, Poultry Seasoning, Celery,
onion, bell pepper, and chicken stock.
3. Cook until it boils

Step Three: Cornbread Again

1. Once cornbread is ready crumble it into pieces in

Step Three: The Mixing

1. Add the crumbled Cornbread to Broth
2. Also add Stuffing Mix to Mixture (adds taste)
3. Stir
4, Add seasoning (bases upon how you like it) (seasoning: poultry season, and sage)
5. Pour into pan and place into oven.

Finished Product:

Baked in Oven until Brown.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Final Progress 3

So this is my progress so far. I have a couple of scenes done but I am in the
process of continuing setting up, staging and animating scenes. The issue that I just
now noticed was the color. The color on the computers at school are different from my
laptop so it makes the colors appear more blue in tone. I could probably just adjust that

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Calendar and Assets for Final

Calendar for Finals

Nov 11 Revise Story

Nov 16 Work on Assets

Nov 18 Work on Assets

Nov 22 Have Scene 1 Animated

Nov 25 Scene 2-4 Animated

Nov 30 Scene 5-7 Animated

Dec 3 Tweaking to Animation and Revisions

Dec 6 DVD Build

Dec 9 Final.

Asset List
  • PDA
  • Alarm Clock
  • Bag
  • Bicycle
  • Cars

  • Coffee shop exterior
  • Coffe Shop Interior
  • Bus Stop Shot
  • Bus Interior
  • Wreck Scene
  • Bedroom/Nightstand

  • Back View
  • Side View
  • 3/4 View

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Final Project Pitch

For my final project I wanted to keep up with my earlier theme of routines, since it
works really well with numbers. So with that idea I thought of time as seen in my typography
project. However, I wanted to explore an extreme verison of routine through extreme
planning or possible a person that lives there life by an actual planner.

So the character that I am going to use is a person who is obsessed with being on time and
has to plan every detail of her life through a combination of several planners.

Basics of the story:

For my story it starts out with a woman who is obsessed with being on time and following
her planned schedule. The main goal of her day is to get to work on time and everything
will fall into place.

So it starts with her going about her routine but then her plans are interrupted by a series of things that are beyond her control. Through the animation this continues to happens. Because she is so obsessed with being on time she has to resort to desperation in order to get to work
on time. Eventually she arrives at work only to be told that it is cancelled.She was so busy freaking out that she didn't notice. As a result she leaves throws the planners away and secretly gets a new more detailed planner and thus the cycle continues.


Through out the piece she will be constantly looking at some form of watch or a planner.

As the story goes on it will feel like she is on a time clock so that idea will be constantly

The pace became much faster as she becomes more frantic

The reason for her to throw away the planner at the end is because she feels that it was the reason for her failure not to be on time.

Inspiration Links:

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Final Project Brainstorm

Over the course of the semester my idea of numbers actually has grown into
a more focused category. Based upon my idea during midterms, I discovered that I like
the idea of routines. So with that in mind, I want to expand that idea for my final project.


In my midterm idea I had woman who was obsessed with the number 5 and routines. So for this project I decide to possibly show the opposite perspective of rituals. What I mean is that I wantto do a piece about a person who is "anti-routine" who basic goal is to rebel against any form of a routine.

Scenario: So my basic scenario involves a like a department or regular store worker who observes people and their routines. For example, the worker know all the customers that come
in every morning and order the same thing. So with that idea I was thinking having this worker
purposefully ruin theses people routines just to make a statement about society or possibly
just to experiment.

and make observations

Effects Tutorial Write-up

So far this project was pretty interesting. Just from a couple of tutorial I learned
a lot of what after effects could really do. One of the minor issues for some tutorials that
I looked at involved bad sound and bad quality of images. In some I could see what
the person was clicking or talking about. However besides the minor details, I learned
more key command and shortcuts for things to help me with my work flow in the future.
Overall, I though the tutorials were pretty informative.

Effects Tutorial Info

Rewind Video:

Black Frame: Layer Mask and added Subtraction mode

Video: Added a Adjustment Layer

Motion Tile Filter
Perimeters: Messed with the Tile Height and Tile With (This adds the duplicated look)

Turbulent Displace
Amount Size (how big of a displacement you want)
Offset (changes where exactly you want it)
amount and evolution ( changes how much of the image you want)

CC Slant Effect
Slant settings ( used to make a more slanted look)

The Solid White Lines
Fractal Noise
Contrast Size ( to give it the classic tv look)
Evolution+ Expression [ time*5000} ( to make the fractal noise movement more random)

The Secondary White Lines

Fractal Noise
Width Height Contrast

Direction Blur
Angle Levels Adjusted the White

3D Lines Lines

Note: Make Sure Layers are on Screen
Fractal Noise
Height Width Contrast [ high]
Brightness [high]
Evolution [ create the animation for the lines]

Bezier Warp
Perimeters: [ played with the curves or handles to create the curved shaped]

Hue and Saturation:

Perimeter: Radius [ increases the area that you want]


CC Particule World
Perimeter: (all under the controls for filter)

Producer: Radius: X,Y,Z [ to make it wider]
Velocity: [ so it won't shoot out everywhere with animating]
Physics: gravity: [ to make it easier to animate]
Birth Rate: [ when the effect appears]

Hue and Saturation: Colorized

Camera: Orbit tool and then made the other layers 3D

Ball Action Text:

CC Ball Action
Scatter Rotation Twist ball size

Attacthed to a null and then adjusted to null's orientation. [ gives an easier control over the camera]


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Typography Project Updated

Typography Project from Ashley Holmes on Vimeo.

Typography Project Write up

As a whole, I had fun building the assets for this project because the is a lot you can do with
typography. I decided to make a character for this project however it didn't work out for this project.
My original idea for this project was to have a city made of numbers and build it up slowly and have the number characters
numbers walking through the city. Visually, the idea of only have binary code worked pretty well. Although typography
is nice to build it with it does restrict what you can build. Overall the only real concern that I have was perspective of the
buildings, I wan't entirely sure how i wanted it.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Typography Project

For the typography project I was thinking in term of what exactly can I do
with this project, which then made me think of subject matter.

Practice sketch

My basic idea for this project is time and synchronization. More so along the line
of the biological time clock. When I think of a time clock I instantly thought of using
a city.

In a cityscape, at certain times there are sudden influxes and de-fluxes in activity. So literally
I want to represent how society is dependent on time to function normally.

Structure wise, I want to go about this by having the world being constructed and decontructed
the end when time stops.

Visually, I thought of using just numbers, but I wasn't entirely sure. So instead I might
use the idea of the binary code, which in itself is a very efficient language. So in turn that might fit into my idea.

Visual Links

Midterm: Write Up

Monday, September 27, 2010

Midterm: Three Act Structure

Midterm Proj: Outline

Act 1. The Set-up

Setting: Inside of a plastic container. Has several lottery ball around. The lottery balls
are socializing with each other while the main character (the number one lottery ball) is sitting in a corner.

  • Lottery balls can be seen talking to each other.
  • Suddenly a hand reaches inside of container
  • Hand reaches for a lottery ball and precedes to drop inside of lottery machine.
  • The ball then goes through the lotto machine and then dropped out.
  • There the lottery ball becomes the " winning number".

Act 2: The Plan

  • One decides to devise a plan to become a winning number.
  • Plans to position itself so the hand reaching in can grab him.
  • Instead the hand reaches for another ball.
  • One decide to try again later.
Act 3: The Goal

  • One tries again. He systematically places himself in position.
  • This time the hand reaches for him and he goes through the machine
  • Once inside of the machine he comes out as the winning number.
  • Then it turns out that even though he is the winning number, the drawing didn't have a winner so he has to go back to the container.

Midterm Proj: Theme, Story, Character, Genre

Theme: My overall theme for this project is the idea of reaching or striving for an ultimate goal. I derived this idea from the my previous proposal about the idea of number influencing
a decision. In this case it can be taken literally because of the character. I wanted to be like a
character using numbers as a stepping stone for a larger idea.

Story: My story takes place inside a container that holds balls for lottery machines. Inside of the container there are a variety of different numbers. A ball in particular (the "one" ball) feels that he is sort of a loser because the other lottery balls don't talk to him. With that idea in mind he devises a plan to get noticed and appreciated. The plan is for him to become the winning lotto number. Every lottery drawing have 5 numbers and then the winning number. In order for him to accomplish this, he has to fight past the other number to get to the lottery machine first. Eventually after a failure the lottery ball accomplishes his goal only to be found out that for this drawing, there is no winner. So he is then placed back with the rest of the numbers.

Character: The character for this story is called "One". As a character One is very isolated. He had the tendency to let isolate himself and constantly feels the need to build his ego and gave a level of appreciation. Appreciation and acknowledgement is very important to this character. He feels that since he is the first number, other numbers should look up to him. Instead the other numbers ignore him.
I based this idea of the character based on the symbolic meaning of the number one, which is
(ego, self, self-expression)

Genre: I plan on having this genre to be a little comedic but more so adventure like.

Heres an example of the machine I would like to use:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Concept for Mid-Term


I found that my topic was little too broad, so I decided to narrow it down a little more.
When I looked back over my resources, I noticed that they all have a similar idea of influence
through numbers. With that idea in mind I decided to build my mid-term around this idea.


My concept evolves around the idea of how a person makes decisions solely based upon
a number. A good example of this would be like a "lucky number" so in turn I going to
build around that. The scenerio that I thought would be perfect for this, is the idea of a
lottery. People decisively choose a number based off a chance and some use the lucky number
technique. With that in mind I decided to use that.


The structure of my idea starts as a fast paced narrative.
  • There is a group of people
  • They all systematically place their ticket into lottery basket
  • There is one who is indecisive and haves a hard time choosing
  • So in turn, this individual thinks of numbers that had a impact (ex- person always chooses the number, 7, because it always wins)
  • Finally choose number and then waits for winnings
  • In the end, either number is choose. ( this person might win or lose); not fully decided on the ending

  • Fast Paced
  • Not a lot of detail in people stylistically, it is very cut-out
  • direct to point and time wise about close to 1 min.
In regards to this idea, I hope to possibly understand to psychological view behind numbers
and hopefully look at it beyond the structured aesthetic that it normally has.

Possible Style Links

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


My idea for this semester is the exploration of numbers.I plan on using both the visual aspect and symbollic meanings of numbers.Through my research, I found that is many numbers influence people decisions. In turn I hope to utilized that aspect for future projects. In addition, my exploration would not only include visually but also the functionality of numbers.In a a sense, I going to try to detach the idea and meaning behind number and try to understand it in a non-analytical way. I chose the idea of numbers because society is built on numbers and it would be interesting direction to take.

Information and Links


The Complete Book of Numerology
Numerology,Astrology, and Dreams
Once Upon A Number
Alfred jensen The Number Painting
Number Words and Number Symbols

Internet Links:

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Words and Ideas

Here's the list of similar words/visual metaphors

Possible Topics: Numbers

Series, Symbols, Lists, Lines, Value, Worth, Calculate, Solve, Function, Icon, Looked Upon,
Beneficial, Efficient, Neat, Analytical, Neat, Vertical, Horizontal, Row, Column, Organized,
Clustered, Dependence, Market, Up, Down, Positive, Negative, Unknown, Predictable,
Unpredictable, Universal, Understood, Mystery, Base, Foundation, Burden, In efficient,
Multiply, Subtract, Divide.

Opposite Words:

Uncontrolled, Unorganized, Chaos, Destruction, Known, Foreign, Unorganized, Dependency, Dystopia, Non-exsistant, Ignored, Mess, Illogical, Unsystematic, mismanagement, uncontrolled,
unforeseen, not expected, mistake, error, improbable, harmful, threatening, top, negative, not known, incapable, unworthy, worthless, useless, unnecessary, burden, no structure, separated, circles, hidden, buried.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Proj 1 Write up

After spending many hours tinkering with the program, I finally feel like I can understand it a little better than before. I still have to adjust to the layout of program. The process was a little difficult at first because I couldn't connect between what I have (assets) and how to animate in the program. I struggled the most with the assets because a lot of the stuff I originally had planned didn't work out. So I had to change me assets around. Hopefully in the future it will become easier.

Concept for Proj 1

Concepts for Project 1.

Through my experimentation through play, I came up with the topic of time. Then the idea
progress to something more broader, numbers. Through out the semester I would like to see how
far I can go with this idea. For project 1 I would like to working on the idea of counting and it a form of repetition. In order to achieve that I plan on having a dream like world where there are counting sheep. The reason for using counting sheep is because when you think of counting and repetition it applies to both categories.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Playing Response

E. Through the experience of using games, it actually helped me ground my idea a little
more. Originally my idea was that of trends, and occurrence. Though this experience it
helped me narrow down my idea and eventually possibly thinking of future ideas such as
transition, and synchronization. As a whole this was a interesting approach to thinking of ideas. Instead of sitting and trying to come up with something, this made it easier for an idea to come to my mind.

Group Play

The game that was played was Cranium. During this game there was a time restraint. That was the major conponent of the game and it helped you progress through the game.
Because of that I instantly thought of time. Each time it was a players go it the people on
the other team had to wait for the little
sand clock to run out sand. So I took that idea
of waiting and decided that it would be interesting to have time as topic.

Solo Play

For my solo play I decided to do three different things.
1. Play Video Game 2. Play with Colored Pencils 3. Play with toy pinwheels.

The video game was the starting point and helped me think of restraint and limitation because
I was playing a fighting game. And there is only so much you can do with it. I thought of urgency, impatience, and restraint.

When I was little, I would play with colored pencils as if they were dolls. So I applied the same idea. I split the colored pencils into groups and battled sets of colors with each other. What resulted from that was order and organization.

When I played with the pinwheels, I thought of actually windmills. When I think of windmills,
I thought of synchronization. Which then led me to time of day, etc.

In all this process helped direct to a different idea that what I originally had.

Play History and Games

A. My most joyful image is an image of playing practice baseball with my neighbor's family.
What exactly makes this images so special is how it was done. What is meant by that is
my neighbor's dad would never actually take the time out to play with a group of children.
That was something out of the norm. So when this occurred, it definitely had an impact on me.
He taught me how to hold the bat and everything.

The connection that I made of this was reoccurrence. This memory was always at the back of my mind reminding me of my childhood. And also how much you can learn in a small amount of time.

B. My Favorite Games From Childhood:

Hide and Seek
Game of Life
Connect 4
Guess Who

The one game that disliked:

Through this list I noticed that I tend to like games that have to do with numbers or counting.
The type of counting is used as a way of progression instead of tactical. The games on the list
are basic and yet have a unpredictability about it. Even though you have to roll or spin something you never know what number your going to get.

I also noticed that these games are also based upon repetition.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

inspiration #3

An additional inspirational source is gadgets
which can fall under the wants and needs category

Inspiration #2

Here's a list of Links that I really like or I get inspiration from.
I was thinking more so in the form of a person's interalized ideas coming out in the
form of the physical. Or possible somewhere along those lines.

HP Commercials:

More Commercial Ads that appeal visually

Inspiration #1: Retro

Here's a list of my inspiration.
The first of which is more so Trends. What I mean by that each decade has
a particular style, which I call trends. I think what i find interesting about that is you can tell what decade a certain thing came from.

Distilled Words

During my brain searching, I noticed that I had the tendency of picking things that
had to deal with what is already inside of one's head or programming. What I mean by that
is everywhere a person is fed information and sometimes that information comes out. An ex of this idea is media in itself. How it feeds us information even if we dont realize it.

Here are some of the words that I was attracted to:

or Social Trends
wants and needs
automated voices
pop culture
social networking