Monday, September 27, 2010

Midterm: Three Act Structure

Midterm Proj: Outline

Act 1. The Set-up

Setting: Inside of a plastic container. Has several lottery ball around. The lottery balls
are socializing with each other while the main character (the number one lottery ball) is sitting in a corner.

  • Lottery balls can be seen talking to each other.
  • Suddenly a hand reaches inside of container
  • Hand reaches for a lottery ball and precedes to drop inside of lottery machine.
  • The ball then goes through the lotto machine and then dropped out.
  • There the lottery ball becomes the " winning number".

Act 2: The Plan

  • One decides to devise a plan to become a winning number.
  • Plans to position itself so the hand reaching in can grab him.
  • Instead the hand reaches for another ball.
  • One decide to try again later.
Act 3: The Goal

  • One tries again. He systematically places himself in position.
  • This time the hand reaches for him and he goes through the machine
  • Once inside of the machine he comes out as the winning number.
  • Then it turns out that even though he is the winning number, the drawing didn't have a winner so he has to go back to the container.

Midterm Proj: Theme, Story, Character, Genre

Theme: My overall theme for this project is the idea of reaching or striving for an ultimate goal. I derived this idea from the my previous proposal about the idea of number influencing
a decision. In this case it can be taken literally because of the character. I wanted to be like a
character using numbers as a stepping stone for a larger idea.

Story: My story takes place inside a container that holds balls for lottery machines. Inside of the container there are a variety of different numbers. A ball in particular (the "one" ball) feels that he is sort of a loser because the other lottery balls don't talk to him. With that idea in mind he devises a plan to get noticed and appreciated. The plan is for him to become the winning lotto number. Every lottery drawing have 5 numbers and then the winning number. In order for him to accomplish this, he has to fight past the other number to get to the lottery machine first. Eventually after a failure the lottery ball accomplishes his goal only to be found out that for this drawing, there is no winner. So he is then placed back with the rest of the numbers.

Character: The character for this story is called "One". As a character One is very isolated. He had the tendency to let isolate himself and constantly feels the need to build his ego and gave a level of appreciation. Appreciation and acknowledgement is very important to this character. He feels that since he is the first number, other numbers should look up to him. Instead the other numbers ignore him.
I based this idea of the character based on the symbolic meaning of the number one, which is
(ego, self, self-expression)

Genre: I plan on having this genre to be a little comedic but more so adventure like.

Heres an example of the machine I would like to use:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Concept for Mid-Term


I found that my topic was little too broad, so I decided to narrow it down a little more.
When I looked back over my resources, I noticed that they all have a similar idea of influence
through numbers. With that idea in mind I decided to build my mid-term around this idea.


My concept evolves around the idea of how a person makes decisions solely based upon
a number. A good example of this would be like a "lucky number" so in turn I going to
build around that. The scenerio that I thought would be perfect for this, is the idea of a
lottery. People decisively choose a number based off a chance and some use the lucky number
technique. With that in mind I decided to use that.


The structure of my idea starts as a fast paced narrative.
  • There is a group of people
  • They all systematically place their ticket into lottery basket
  • There is one who is indecisive and haves a hard time choosing
  • So in turn, this individual thinks of numbers that had a impact (ex- person always chooses the number, 7, because it always wins)
  • Finally choose number and then waits for winnings
  • In the end, either number is choose. ( this person might win or lose); not fully decided on the ending

  • Fast Paced
  • Not a lot of detail in people stylistically, it is very cut-out
  • direct to point and time wise about close to 1 min.
In regards to this idea, I hope to possibly understand to psychological view behind numbers
and hopefully look at it beyond the structured aesthetic that it normally has.

Possible Style Links

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


My idea for this semester is the exploration of numbers.I plan on using both the visual aspect and symbollic meanings of numbers.Through my research, I found that is many numbers influence people decisions. In turn I hope to utilized that aspect for future projects. In addition, my exploration would not only include visually but also the functionality of numbers.In a a sense, I going to try to detach the idea and meaning behind number and try to understand it in a non-analytical way. I chose the idea of numbers because society is built on numbers and it would be interesting direction to take.

Information and Links


The Complete Book of Numerology
Numerology,Astrology, and Dreams
Once Upon A Number
Alfred jensen The Number Painting
Number Words and Number Symbols

Internet Links:

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Words and Ideas

Here's the list of similar words/visual metaphors

Possible Topics: Numbers

Series, Symbols, Lists, Lines, Value, Worth, Calculate, Solve, Function, Icon, Looked Upon,
Beneficial, Efficient, Neat, Analytical, Neat, Vertical, Horizontal, Row, Column, Organized,
Clustered, Dependence, Market, Up, Down, Positive, Negative, Unknown, Predictable,
Unpredictable, Universal, Understood, Mystery, Base, Foundation, Burden, In efficient,
Multiply, Subtract, Divide.

Opposite Words:

Uncontrolled, Unorganized, Chaos, Destruction, Known, Foreign, Unorganized, Dependency, Dystopia, Non-exsistant, Ignored, Mess, Illogical, Unsystematic, mismanagement, uncontrolled,
unforeseen, not expected, mistake, error, improbable, harmful, threatening, top, negative, not known, incapable, unworthy, worthless, useless, unnecessary, burden, no structure, separated, circles, hidden, buried.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Proj 1 Write up

After spending many hours tinkering with the program, I finally feel like I can understand it a little better than before. I still have to adjust to the layout of program. The process was a little difficult at first because I couldn't connect between what I have (assets) and how to animate in the program. I struggled the most with the assets because a lot of the stuff I originally had planned didn't work out. So I had to change me assets around. Hopefully in the future it will become easier.

Concept for Proj 1

Concepts for Project 1.

Through my experimentation through play, I came up with the topic of time. Then the idea
progress to something more broader, numbers. Through out the semester I would like to see how
far I can go with this idea. For project 1 I would like to working on the idea of counting and it a form of repetition. In order to achieve that I plan on having a dream like world where there are counting sheep. The reason for using counting sheep is because when you think of counting and repetition it applies to both categories.