Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Extra Credit: Dressing Recipe

How to Make Dressing

Step One: Start The Cornbread

1. First Open Box Of Corn Mill Mix and Follow Directions
2. Usually the directions consist of adding Water and Eggs and Mix
3. Place in Oven until brown on all sides

Step Two: Start the Broth

1. While waiting for cornbread to cook time to add the broth
2. The broth consists of: Water, Sage, Poultry Seasoning, Celery,
onion, bell pepper, and chicken stock.
3. Cook until it boils

Step Three: Cornbread Again

1. Once cornbread is ready crumble it into pieces in

Step Three: The Mixing

1. Add the crumbled Cornbread to Broth
2. Also add Stuffing Mix to Mixture (adds taste)
3. Stir
4, Add seasoning (bases upon how you like it) (seasoning: poultry season, and sage)
5. Pour into pan and place into oven.

Finished Product:

Baked in Oven until Brown.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Final Progress 3

So this is my progress so far. I have a couple of scenes done but I am in the
process of continuing setting up, staging and animating scenes. The issue that I just
now noticed was the color. The color on the computers at school are different from my
laptop so it makes the colors appear more blue in tone. I could probably just adjust that

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Calendar and Assets for Final

Calendar for Finals

Nov 11 Revise Story

Nov 16 Work on Assets

Nov 18 Work on Assets

Nov 22 Have Scene 1 Animated

Nov 25 Scene 2-4 Animated

Nov 30 Scene 5-7 Animated

Dec 3 Tweaking to Animation and Revisions

Dec 6 DVD Build

Dec 9 Final.

Asset List
  • PDA
  • Alarm Clock
  • Bag
  • Bicycle
  • Cars

  • Coffee shop exterior
  • Coffe Shop Interior
  • Bus Stop Shot
  • Bus Interior
  • Wreck Scene
  • Bedroom/Nightstand

  • Back View
  • Side View
  • 3/4 View

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Final Project Pitch

For my final project I wanted to keep up with my earlier theme of routines, since it
works really well with numbers. So with that idea I thought of time as seen in my typography
project. However, I wanted to explore an extreme verison of routine through extreme
planning or possible a person that lives there life by an actual planner.

So the character that I am going to use is a person who is obsessed with being on time and
has to plan every detail of her life through a combination of several planners.

Basics of the story:

For my story it starts out with a woman who is obsessed with being on time and following
her planned schedule. The main goal of her day is to get to work on time and everything
will fall into place.

So it starts with her going about her routine but then her plans are interrupted by a series of things that are beyond her control. Through the animation this continues to happens. Because she is so obsessed with being on time she has to resort to desperation in order to get to work
on time. Eventually she arrives at work only to be told that it is cancelled.She was so busy freaking out that she didn't notice. As a result she leaves throws the planners away and secretly gets a new more detailed planner and thus the cycle continues.


Through out the piece she will be constantly looking at some form of watch or a planner.

As the story goes on it will feel like she is on a time clock so that idea will be constantly

The pace became much faster as she becomes more frantic

The reason for her to throw away the planner at the end is because she feels that it was the reason for her failure not to be on time.

Inspiration Links:

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Final Project Brainstorm

Over the course of the semester my idea of numbers actually has grown into
a more focused category. Based upon my idea during midterms, I discovered that I like
the idea of routines. So with that in mind, I want to expand that idea for my final project.


In my midterm idea I had woman who was obsessed with the number 5 and routines. So for this project I decide to possibly show the opposite perspective of rituals. What I mean is that I wantto do a piece about a person who is "anti-routine" who basic goal is to rebel against any form of a routine.

Scenario: So my basic scenario involves a like a department or regular store worker who observes people and their routines. For example, the worker know all the customers that come
in every morning and order the same thing. So with that idea I was thinking having this worker
purposefully ruin theses people routines just to make a statement about society or possibly
just to experiment.

and make observations

Effects Tutorial Write-up

So far this project was pretty interesting. Just from a couple of tutorial I learned
a lot of what after effects could really do. One of the minor issues for some tutorials that
I looked at involved bad sound and bad quality of images. In some I could see what
the person was clicking or talking about. However besides the minor details, I learned
more key command and shortcuts for things to help me with my work flow in the future.
Overall, I though the tutorials were pretty informative.

Effects Tutorial Info

Rewind Video:

Black Frame: Layer Mask and added Subtraction mode

Video: Added a Adjustment Layer

Motion Tile Filter
Perimeters: Messed with the Tile Height and Tile With (This adds the duplicated look)

Turbulent Displace
Amount Size (how big of a displacement you want)
Offset (changes where exactly you want it)
amount and evolution ( changes how much of the image you want)

CC Slant Effect
Slant settings ( used to make a more slanted look)

The Solid White Lines
Fractal Noise
Contrast Size ( to give it the classic tv look)
Evolution+ Expression [ time*5000} ( to make the fractal noise movement more random)

The Secondary White Lines

Fractal Noise
Width Height Contrast

Direction Blur
Angle Levels Adjusted the White

3D Lines Lines

Note: Make Sure Layers are on Screen
Fractal Noise
Height Width Contrast [ high]
Brightness [high]
Evolution [ create the animation for the lines]

Bezier Warp
Perimeters: [ played with the curves or handles to create the curved shaped]

Hue and Saturation:

Perimeter: Radius [ increases the area that you want]


CC Particule World
Perimeter: (all under the controls for filter)

Producer: Radius: X,Y,Z [ to make it wider]
Velocity: [ so it won't shoot out everywhere with animating]
Physics: gravity: [ to make it easier to animate]
Birth Rate: [ when the effect appears]

Hue and Saturation: Colorized

Camera: Orbit tool and then made the other layers 3D

Ball Action Text:

CC Ball Action
Scatter Rotation Twist ball size

Attacthed to a null and then adjusted to null's orientation. [ gives an easier control over the camera]