Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Typography Project Updated

Typography Project from Ashley Holmes on Vimeo.

Typography Project Write up

As a whole, I had fun building the assets for this project because the is a lot you can do with
typography. I decided to make a character for this project however it didn't work out for this project.
My original idea for this project was to have a city made of numbers and build it up slowly and have the number characters
numbers walking through the city. Visually, the idea of only have binary code worked pretty well. Although typography
is nice to build it with it does restrict what you can build. Overall the only real concern that I have was perspective of the
buildings, I wan't entirely sure how i wanted it.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Typography Project

For the typography project I was thinking in term of what exactly can I do
with this project, which then made me think of subject matter.

Practice sketch

My basic idea for this project is time and synchronization. More so along the line
of the biological time clock. When I think of a time clock I instantly thought of using
a city.

In a cityscape, at certain times there are sudden influxes and de-fluxes in activity. So literally
I want to represent how society is dependent on time to function normally.

Structure wise, I want to go about this by having the world being constructed and decontructed
the end when time stops.

Visually, I thought of using just numbers, but I wasn't entirely sure. So instead I might
use the idea of the binary code, which in itself is a very efficient language. So in turn that might fit into my idea.

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