Thursday, December 9, 2010

artist Lecture #2

Artist: Polly Applebalm

Overall I felt like the structure of this lecture was done out of order. What I mean by is that
Polly saved all the real or heart of her stuff at the end of the lecture. I felt that she kept drawing
on and on about one particular detail of things. What did find interesting in her pattern instillations were how she is able to achieve large pictures and patterns with such small pieces of paper bunched up together. A lot of her pattern were made from acrylic paint so many of her pieces sometimes seem brighter or duller depending on the light source. Overall her lecture was
okay, I would like to see more of her work in the future.

Artist Lecture #1

Artist Lecture #1: Carminita Higgenbottom

This by far besides the bill lecture was one of my personal favorites. What I found to be the most interesting aspect is the idea of race in 1930s, and how this one artist felt that need
to draw black people. Usually painter of that time period would stay away from the subject. What was even more interesting was the subtle issues that were depicted in the paintings. As an example plymton on painting had a group of black people on the beach. but one woman who was light skin was shying away from the rest of the group. So in turn this made me think of the subtle inner racial identity was a factor back then too. Also this artist manage to imatate the features just right without over exaggerating the figuare a of black person.

As a visiting art historian, I felt that she was very interesting. She was energetic and managed to keep my attention despite it being art history. If she were to ever come back to MCA. I would visit her again.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Final Update

So my progress so far has been slow, but since I almost done with the coffee shop scene things
will pick up a little faster. I guess what has been slowing me down is the coffee shop scene in particular. I didn't know exactly how I was going to pull it off. Of course it need a little more build up and establishing but I will get that during my revisions. In which case I plan on doing this weekend along with the reminder.
Progress wise after the coffee shop scene the pace of the progress will be immediately faster to do since basically they are just shots. Im almost there.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Extra Credit: Dressing Recipe

How to Make Dressing

Step One: Start The Cornbread

1. First Open Box Of Corn Mill Mix and Follow Directions
2. Usually the directions consist of adding Water and Eggs and Mix
3. Place in Oven until brown on all sides

Step Two: Start the Broth

1. While waiting for cornbread to cook time to add the broth
2. The broth consists of: Water, Sage, Poultry Seasoning, Celery,
onion, bell pepper, and chicken stock.
3. Cook until it boils

Step Three: Cornbread Again

1. Once cornbread is ready crumble it into pieces in

Step Three: The Mixing

1. Add the crumbled Cornbread to Broth
2. Also add Stuffing Mix to Mixture (adds taste)
3. Stir
4, Add seasoning (bases upon how you like it) (seasoning: poultry season, and sage)
5. Pour into pan and place into oven.

Finished Product:

Baked in Oven until Brown.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Final Progress 3

So this is my progress so far. I have a couple of scenes done but I am in the
process of continuing setting up, staging and animating scenes. The issue that I just
now noticed was the color. The color on the computers at school are different from my
laptop so it makes the colors appear more blue in tone. I could probably just adjust that

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Calendar and Assets for Final

Calendar for Finals

Nov 11 Revise Story

Nov 16 Work on Assets

Nov 18 Work on Assets

Nov 22 Have Scene 1 Animated

Nov 25 Scene 2-4 Animated

Nov 30 Scene 5-7 Animated

Dec 3 Tweaking to Animation and Revisions

Dec 6 DVD Build

Dec 9 Final.

Asset List
  • PDA
  • Alarm Clock
  • Bag
  • Bicycle
  • Cars

  • Coffee shop exterior
  • Coffe Shop Interior
  • Bus Stop Shot
  • Bus Interior
  • Wreck Scene
  • Bedroom/Nightstand

  • Back View
  • Side View
  • 3/4 View