Thursday, December 9, 2010

Artist Lecture #1

Artist Lecture #1: Carminita Higgenbottom

This by far besides the bill lecture was one of my personal favorites. What I found to be the most interesting aspect is the idea of race in 1930s, and how this one artist felt that need
to draw black people. Usually painter of that time period would stay away from the subject. What was even more interesting was the subtle issues that were depicted in the paintings. As an example plymton on painting had a group of black people on the beach. but one woman who was light skin was shying away from the rest of the group. So in turn this made me think of the subtle inner racial identity was a factor back then too. Also this artist manage to imatate the features just right without over exaggerating the figuare a of black person.

As a visiting art historian, I felt that she was very interesting. She was energetic and managed to keep my attention despite it being art history. If she were to ever come back to MCA. I would visit her again.

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