Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Extra Credit: Dressing Recipe

How to Make Dressing

Step One: Start The Cornbread

1. First Open Box Of Corn Mill Mix and Follow Directions
2. Usually the directions consist of adding Water and Eggs and Mix
3. Place in Oven until brown on all sides

Step Two: Start the Broth

1. While waiting for cornbread to cook time to add the broth
2. The broth consists of: Water, Sage, Poultry Seasoning, Celery,
onion, bell pepper, and chicken stock.
3. Cook until it boils

Step Three: Cornbread Again

1. Once cornbread is ready crumble it into pieces in

Step Three: The Mixing

1. Add the crumbled Cornbread to Broth
2. Also add Stuffing Mix to Mixture (adds taste)
3. Stir
4, Add seasoning (bases upon how you like it) (seasoning: poultry season, and sage)
5. Pour into pan and place into oven.

Finished Product:

Baked in Oven until Brown.


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